Pack of flexible key rings

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  • Lightweight and portable

  • Flexible

  • Versatile

  • Simple design

  • Easy to use

You can easily and safely secure and color code your keys and tools with this colorful, flexible key ring.

Metallkabel nøkkelring - Fargerik ståltråd nøkkelring - fleksibel bøyle nøkkelring - Ozerty

Lightweight and portable

You've probably seen loads of different types of key rings and key holders. Some are highly detailed, with high-quality materials, while others are more or less everyday things. It may not seem that important, but choosing the wrong key chain can make you uncomfortable in many ways. For example, if the key ring is too heavy, chances are you won't find it easy to carry around with you.

If the key ring is too heavy, you will always be tempted to take it out of your bag or pocket and leave it lying around, and this can lead to you eventually losing it. However, this strong keyring is designed to be as light as possible. It is easy to carry around.

Flexible Keychain Pack - Lightweight and Portable - Ozerty


Most of the materials used as key rings are either metal or plastic. Although these materials are usually designed to be as durable as possible, they inevitably have one major limitation; they are often not flexible enough. The metallic key rings tend to either harden with prolonged use or weaken and suddenly break.

This is a big responsibility as you can lose the keys at any time. However, this practical key ring stands out. It is made from a strong but flexible hoop that ensures you can freely bend it without fear of it breaking. In fact, it is so flexible that you can even use it to bind paper.

Pakke med fleksible nøkkelringer  - Fleksibel  - Ozerty

Durable and versatile

In addition to being very easy to use, this flexible key ring is also extremely durable. It is so sturdy that it can even be used to hang several LARGER items such as flashlights and pliers. But that's not all; you can also connect several of them together to achieve a much larger hoop. This long chain of hoops will also remain strong and will not break under pressure. It would be perfect for hanging your tools.

Pakke med fleksible nøkkelringer  - Slitesterk og allsidig  - Ozerty

Simple and effective design

Often people choose more sophisticated or complex elements over simpler, more generic ones. This is often done on the basis of the belief that increased complexity and sophistication correspond to increased efficiency. While this is often true, there are some situations where the opposite is true. This is one of those situations!

This flexible key ring has a simple yet effective design that makes it a very viable option for you. Moreover, it is also available in several different color options. This means you can even easily color code your items. Cool, right?

Pakke med fleksible nøkkelringer  - Enkel og effektiv design  - Ozerty

Easy to use

If you've ever tried to insert a key into one of those regular or generic key rings, you know exactly how difficult it can be. Sometimes you may even end up with sore fingers after the attempt. But the process doesn't have to be so difficult. In fact, it can be much simpler. How? With this colorful key ring, of course! The key ring has a very simple design which means that it is easy to thread it through the keys. Just loosen the connector and insert the keys. Once this is done, simply screw the connector back together to lock it. This prevents your keys from coming loose.

Pakke med fleksible nøkkelringer  - Lett å bruke  - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Material: Stainless steel, PVC
  • Size: 1.5mm thick x 50mm long
  • Color: Random
Pakke med fleksible nøkkelringer  - Dimensions - Ozerty

Including :

Option 1: 20x cable key rings in metal

Option 2: 40x cable key rings in metal

Option 3: 60x cable key rings in metal

Pakke med fleksible nøkkelringer  - Package - Ozerty

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