Baby pillow and holder

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COLOR: White forest
STYLE: Pillow
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  • Improves convenience

  • Multifunctional

  • Offers excellent protection

  • Soft, ergonomic design

  • Easy to use

Are you tired of having to carry your baby in your arms for long periods of time? This multifunctional baby pillow is the perfect comfortable and safe solution for you.

Multifunksjonell Baby Boost med Nakkestøtte - Babypute - Multifunksjonell Babypute - Ozerty

Improves convenience

Carrying an object in your hands, no matter how small, for long periods of time is always a challenge. This is because it puts a lot of stress on your arm and back muscles and can even leave you feeling sore for days. In most situations, you can choose to drop these items if your arms feel tired or sore. As a mother with a newborn baby, you do not have that option; after all, you can't just drop your baby anywhere.

However, with this multifunctional baby pillow you can carry your child without hurting your arms or back again. This is because this device has a comfortable construction that helps it eliminate pain and improve ease of use. So you will be able to use this device to carry your baby while still being comfortable.

Baby pillow and holder - Improves comfort - Ozerty


In addition to being an excellent, comfortable option for your baby, this baby pillow with head support is also multi-functional. Thanks to its intelligent design, you will be able to use this to carry your baby comfortably while freeing your hands to take care of other things.

That's not all; this device also helps you keep your baby in the perfect position so you don't have any problems while breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby.

Baby pute og holder - Multifunksjonell - Ozerty

Offers excellent protection

Babies are very delicate, so it's important that whatever material is designed for them or used for them must be made of the highest quality, and this baby boost unit is that. This device provides excellent protection for babies thanks to the fact that it is made with high quality materials that ensure it is very durable.

In addition to this, the device also helps to protect the baby's head and keep it at a 15-degree angle. The Babyboost unit also has a protective strap to help keep your baby safe and prevent it from falling off.

Baby pute og holder - Tilbyr utmerket beskyttelse - Ozerty

Soft, ergonomic design

Another reason why you should consider buying this multi-functional baby pillow for yourself is that it has a soft, ergonomic design. This device is made with quality materials that help ensure it has a very soft and comfortable feel, so you don't have to worry about chafing or irritation. Its ergonomic design also ensures that you can easily adjust it as needed.

Baby pute og holder - Myk, ergonomisk design - Ozerty

Easy to use

This multifunctional baby boost with head support is also very easy to use. It is easy to assemble and is adjustable to suit your needs. In addition, it is also washable, so you can always clean it easily whenever you want.

Baby pute og holder - Lett å bruke - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Styles: Pillow / Pillow + Headrest
  • Size: waist pillow 60 x 60 cm, headrest 23 x 23 cm, side pillow 34 x 12 cm
  • Styles/Colors: White Forest, Cat, Pink Whale, Pink Deer, Seabed, Fish, Green Forest, Blue Whale, Green Deer
    Baby pute og holder - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Including :

    1 x waist baby carrier with strap

    1 x side cushion (depending on variant)

    1 x headrest (depending on variant)

    Baby pute og holder - Package - Ozerty

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