LED light mosquito lamp

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  • UV bulb with high intensity

  • Strong suction fan

  • Fits all USB ports

  • Quiet and safe to use

  • Easy to clean

Catch and kill the mosquito instantly! This mosquito killer lamp attracts, sucks and controls insects without harmful chemicals

Myggdrepende lampe Insektsfelle Fluesmekker LED uv-lys sugevifte - Ozerty

Effective mosquito control

This mosquito lamp has a bright 15W LED bulb that attracts insects, flies and pests. The NM wavelength is deadly for mosquitoes, but safe for humans. When the insects come close to the light, the strong wind tunnel sucks them in and traps them at the bottom. The strong current takes the mosquitoes into the tray where the insects become dehydrated or tired. This mechanism prevents them from flying out and will eventually kill them.

LED Light Mosquito Killer Lamp - Effective Mosquito Control - Ozerty

USB drive

This electric device is portable and convenient to use anytime and anywhere. It works easily with any USB device, including an adapter, power bank or computer. The simple operation makes this mosquito trap perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Plug and use it in the bedroom, living room, garden or take it on picnics and camping.

LED-lys myggdrepende lampe - USB-drevet - Ozerty

Safe and secure

The device uses physical methods to kill the mosquito, completely without the use of drugs or chemicals. It has no radiation, noise, smell and toxicity, making it safe for pregnant women, children, adults, the elderly and pets. The durable outer layers and strong materials prevent fingers from touching the fan and grilles.

LED-lys myggdrepende lampe - Trygt og sikkert - Ozerty

Easy to clean

A detachable structural design makes this unit easy to clean and maintain. The plastic tray at the bottom collects dead insects. After each use, you just need to rotate the board counter-clockwise and pull it down. Wash it with water to remove insects and wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning. It's so quick and easy. You can return the board to its original location afterwards.

LED-lys myggdrepende lampe - Lett å rengjøre - Ozerty


Mosquito lights work best at night because insects are most active after 17 in the evening. It is the perfect time to light the lamp. Place it in a dark place to attract the insects most effectively. Do not turn it off once it has caught a few mosquitoes. Leave the fan running long until the insects trapped inside it are dehydrated or tired. At 35 decibels, this unit is very quiet. Let it run in the background without worrying about disturbing the sleep of your child or family. Even better, everyone will be able to have a peaceful rest during the day as this night lamp traps and kills mosquitoes at night

LED-lys myggdrepende lampe - Stillegående - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Materials: LED and plastic
  • Lifetime: 60,000 hours
  • Size: 13cm x 13cm x 22.8cm
  • Nominal power: 5W
  • Cord length: 108cm
    LED-lys myggdrepende lampe - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Including :

    1 x mosquito killing lamp

    1 x USB cable

    LED-lys myggdrepende lampe - Package - Ozerty

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