Spray & Pour oil dispenser bottle

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  • Dual purpose design

  • Precise oil dispensing

  • Practical handling

  • Good build quality

  • Versatile

Tired of spilling oil or using too much oil while cooking? Easily improve precision with this dual oil dispenser.

Oljedispenserbeholder - Helle- og sprayflaske for kjøkken - Oljedispenserflaske med to formål - Ozerty

Dual purpose design

There are many oil jars or containers used to store and dispense oil on the market these days; however, they mostly have one drawback; they are only meant for a single purpose. This basically means that the only thing you can do with them is pour out the oil they contain, and this can be inconvenient, especially when you only need a small amount of oil.

Unlike conventional oil containers, this one has a dual function design. You will be able to use this tool to both pour and spray the oil, depending on your personal preference.

Spray & Pour Oil Dispenser Bottle - Dual Purpose Design - Ozerty

Precise oil dispensing

We have all experienced situations in the kitchen where we only wanted to use a small amount of oil, but ended up pouring much more than was necessary. This can be very frustrating, not to mention the fact that consuming too much oil is very unhealthy for you.

With this double oil dispenser bottle, you don't have to worry about pouring too much oil into your food while cooking again. This is because this dispenser unit offers accurate oil dispensing thanks to its dual-dispense design. Basically, you will always be able to add exactly the right amount of oil you need to your food with this device.

Spray & Hell oljedispenserflaske - Nøyaktig oljedispensering - Ozerty

Practical handling

Another disadvantage of most other oil containers is that they are usually inconvenient to handle and use. Their handles are mostly too short, too weak, and generally too uncomfortable to use; some don't even have handles and this will definitely make pouring from them quite a difficult affair.

If you're worried about ease of handling and use, you don't have to be. This is because this product actually offers convenient handling so that you can easily grab and carry this oil dispenser anytime.

Spray & Hell oljedispenserflaske - Praktisk håndtering - Ozerty

Good build quality

Another feature of this dual oil dispenser that makes it a must-have is its quality construction. This product is made with high quality materials that help ensure it is the perfect combination of durability and functionality.

This quality construction includes a tight seal design, which helps ensure that you don't have to worry about leakage while using this product. It also has an anti-clogging filter, so you won't experience problems with the pipe clogging. It also has a large capacity, so you don't have to remove the top to refill the bottle often. The borosilicate glass means that it will never crack or break even under extreme temperature changes.

Spray & Hell oljedispenserflaske - God byggekvalitet - Ozerty


Another reason why you should consider getting this oil container is the fact that it is very versatile. In addition to being able to use this product to dispense oil, you will also be able to use it to easily dispense other liquids such as cooking wine, vinegar, water, soy sauce and so on. So convenient!

Spray & Hell oljedispenserflaske - Allsidig - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Color: Black, White, Yellow, Blue
  • Material: High borosilicate glass + PP + silicone
  • Size: 7.8 x 20.6 cm
    Spray & Hell oljedispenserflaske - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Including :

    1 x Oil dispenser with lid

    Spray & Hell oljedispenserflaske - Package - Ozerty

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